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Bonobos are not pants

i’m flexing, therefore my pants are pink IRONICALLY

I saw this ad for colorful pants the other day, and a little barking laugh escaped my lips.  Bonobo may be a brand of men’s blinding pants, but it was the name of a type of chimp first, a chimp known for its seemingly human sexual practices.

Bonobos are hilarious.  They have matriarchal societies where French kissing, oral sex, and homosexual sexual practices (among the males, and females) are common.  They seem to use sex to relax the group.  After a fight: sexytime.  When they get excited about a particularly plentiful patch of food: sexytime.  A new female wants to join the group: lesbian sexytime.  It’s pretty great.  I wonder what the discussion was like when deciding on the name of these very colorful pants for men.

“Let’s name these absurd-looking pants after a matriarchal, hyper-sexual chimpanzee.”
“…Sure, fine, whatever, I’m missing Diablo III.”


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