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Everyone play nice

I feel like this sometimes.

There’s some strange force field covering the concept of religion that does not extend to people, which is insane.  If we treated people as well as we are forced to treat religion, we would all be eligible for sainthood.  Talking plainly about religion as a theory is considered offensive by most religious people, which means a calm, logical conversation with religious people about religion is impossible.

Our court system is something I bring up whenever attempting to have a conversation like that.  I don’t understand how we can all agree to use a court system that relies upon scientifically substantiated evidence to determine guilt or innocence, while at the same time refusing to believe that science is a reliable resource for producing plausible theories for the origin of our universe, our planet, our humanity.  Everyone agrees that forensic evidence is admissible, while visions from god are not.  I can’t imagine the family of a murder victim choosing to allow the murderer to be judged by god instead of by a jury of his peers.

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New Atheist role models

so true

A great article about the social and biological roots of religion was published in the LA Times a couple days ago.  I’m always surprised and delighted to find people working at major companies (like the LA Times) who are willing to have their (very unpopular) opinions against religion published.  I find it soothing.  J. Anderson Thomson and Clare Aukofer, you’ve made it onto my list of respected people.

My favorite part of the article:

“We can be better as a species if we recognize religion as a man-made construct. We owe it to ourselves to at least consider the real roots of religious belief, so we can deal with life as it is, taking advantage of perhaps our mind’s greatest adaptation: our ability to use reason.”

And that really sums it up; an Atheist chooses reason over blind faith, not for the sake of cold cynicism, but for a love of logic.

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Evolution, please come back

Scully, the religious scientist, disapproves of your lack of brainpower/faith

Atheists are the least trusted group in America, seemingly because of our lack of any moral compass.  This hurts my feelings (and my brain’s feelings) because it implies that no one can come up with their own sense of right and wrong; morals must come from a third party because observation and critical, independent thinking aren’t enough to create one’s own moral structure.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that what bothers people most about Atheists isn’t that they think we have no morals, it’s that we don’t have a unified set of morals.  Each Atheist must create her own idea of what it means to be a “good person.”  Free thought is encouraged, even demanded, and as a result, we inherently have no guidebook for what it means to be an Atheist.

Picard and Riker, a powerhouse atheist facepalming duo!

If there are no rules, it must be chaos!  Atheists must therefore be anarchists!  But no, of course we’re not.  We love logic and science, and welcome theory change through careful study and blahblahblah.  We don’t need answers to the big questions (which we can’t possibly know for sure).

As a result, however, there’s this bizarre attitude of, “I don’t know (or need to know) everything, and that makes me better than you.”  It’s a conundrum: I’m not so special that the supposed creator of the universe listens to my every thought, and therefore I’m super special.  I have no ego, therefore I’m the best; deal with it.  LOL

I’m guilty of this for sure, and I’m fully aware of the absurdity of it, so… I am an anarchist!  Crap!

it's MASH or something! and they are so, so disappointed.

No no, there’s an explanation, and here it is: I love what my brain is capable of discovering on its own, and I pity people who don’t feel the same about their own incredible thinking power.  The thought process is, “Look how awesome my brain is!  Hey guys, you have brains too!  Wait, what?  You don’t want to use them? *sigh* Guys…WTF.”  It’s not that I feel superior, I just don’t see why logic fails to pervade religious thought when it’s applied so readily in every other aspect of our lives.  Why does anyone swear on a bible in a courtroom when the rest of the proceedings are based on secular law?

I’m not mad, I’m just… disappointed.