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Grow some ovaries, ladies

I’m in charge of social media in my office, and occasionally get tips from less technologically adept coworkers that I try to implement without letting my eye twitch too much.

For example, today, when I posted an article about how our university is attempting to make gay athletes feel more welcome, Hollywood Coworker told me to “tread very lightly when you post LGBT stuff” because the parents who visit our page are not all as “advanced” as we are on the topic.

my immediate non-verbal response

my immediate non-verbal response

I could tell she assumed this would turn into a disagreement (as her suggestions about what to do with social media often do), so I used my most soothing voice, and said something like, “Well, we can’t cater to every opinion, and even if we could, our job is to inform them about the university. This is happening right now. It’s a fact.”  Her hands came up in a ‘don’t get me started’ fashion, because we both strongly support the LGBT community, so she thought I was preaching to the choir. But I wasn’t, because the topic wasn’t about the LGBT community, it was about deciding whether or not we would do our jobs right, or be cowards.  She honestly believes that I should watch what I post about the LGBT community, especially anything demonstrating support of said community. Why? Because it might offend some parents. As if our job is to:
1) Cater to bigots
2) Lie by omission about university policies
3) Neglect to inform the other parents for fear of offending a few
4) Any of the a-fucking-bove.

This is an amazing university. I’m proud to have gone here, and delighted to be working here. So I’m left wondering: What does Hollywood Coworker think our social media is there for, if not to inform our constituency? If there’s a bombing on campus, we’d post about that too because our job is information distribution, not whatever-makes-you-comfortable distribution.  Remember that newspaper that published an article about the first gay marriage in a small community, and caught all kinds of grief for it?  The owner of that paper wrote a great reply to all the negative feedback: “The job of a community newspaper is not pretending something didn’t take place or ignoring it because it will upset people.”

This bothered me quite a bit, so I mentioned to Little Mole Boss that I had published this article, and she winced.  I asked why she had that reaction, and she said that some parents are prejudiced.  So I asked, “So should we not inform parents because some people might be offended?”
Little Mole Boss: “No, let’s just see what the reaction is.”
me: “Ok… I just want to make sure we’re not avoiding posting stuff because some people don’t like it.  We’re not posting opinions, these are facts.  Our page doesn’t have an LGBT agenda…”
“I know, of course of course…”
“So what’s our policy on this?”
“We don’t have one.”
“I guess if it’s already up, it’s up.  Let’s just see what the reaction is.”
“Ok, sounds good.”

really?  REALLY?

frustrated kitty is frustrated

So there’s some work to be done in the “do the right thing without being a big fucking baby about it” department.

So I’ll keep working on it.


Ugh, hipsters

The below happened months ago, but I thought of it when someone on my feed made a super hipster comment about having coffee while the sun is out (coupled with an instagram photo of some fucking palm trees on Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake or some shit).  Anyway, when I encounter something I don’t particularly like, or that strikes me a really stupid, I either keep my mouth shut or make fun of it.  I usually resort to the latter.

we get it you're a poser

every face, while different, seems to cry out in desperation: “What am I doing? Please, make it stop.”

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I am hilarious

I feel like a meany going after stupid people like this, but I can’t help it anymore.  I don’t have a lot of stupid friends, but now and then an old high school associate will pop up on my news feed on Facebook and say something like this, and I just can’t help it.

I love the seemingly unrelated post by another high school friend (both of whom smoked copious amounts of pot in high school), who has a kid now, ironically.



Digital Ouroboros

This showed up on my Facebook page today:

wtf so meta

Isn’t this like the pope blessing himself?  Like Steve Jobs giving himself an iPod?  Like a snake eating its own tail?

It’s so unnecessary!  If you’re on Facebook, you don’t need to “like” it, too.  We know you like it because you’re using it!  *sigh*  It strikes me as masturbatory.  How much of an ego stroking does a company worth over a billion dollars really need?  My participation isn’t enough, now you need me to explicitly say that I like you?  Relax, Facebook.  You’re sounding more and more like a needy boyfriend, and it’s really unattractive.


Too meta for words

om nom nom

I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to announce my blog on Facebook or just to my friends or whomever.  I think I like it the way it is; just a few people know about it, and none of them read it with any consistency.  That feels good.  This blog is for me, like my journal.  The whole point was to give myself some accountability so I would start making note of what I’m up to now and then, not to keep other people informed.  I really enjoy the anonymity.  Thank you, interwebz.

I’m rapidly approaching my 100th (public) blog post, and the one year anniversary of this blog next month.  I have it marked on my Google calendar (the day before Easter, on which I will not have to work!  My first actual weekend in forever, wahoo!).  But how should I go about celebrating something no one knows about?  It’s like being in a foreign country during your birthday; people can tell you’re excited about something, but you’re the only one who knows why.  I guess it doesn’t matter if other people are aware that those are benchmarks for me.

I’m going to try not to make my hundredth blog consist of only an announcement that it’s my one hundredth blog.  That’s just too meta.  And an announcement about self-reference (a blog post about said blog) is not a good post, it’s just a bad excuse.  But no promises.

So what should I do to celebrate?  There will be wine, that’s for sure.  That sweet Austrian wine, yes, that’s good.  And maybe… hmmm, no sushi is too much… I’ll definitely end up doing a little dance, probably in the kitchen.  It’s where most of my spontaneous dancing happens.  I might try to watch some anime with friends (or maybe start the second LOTR movie).

*GASP*  Maybe I’ll finally get that pedicure I’ve been talking about getting!  I want to have presentable feet at the dojo, and I’ve never gotten a pedicure before.  My mom took me to get manicures with her a few times, but the Asian women who did our nails looked so worn down and dejected, and then we were all, “Thanks, here’s five bucks for all your work!  I’m gonna go jump in my super nice gas-guzzling SUV and get a steak dinner!  Later!”  Yikes.

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Check, please

So I watched The Social Network with Boyfriend the other day.  He couldn’t shut up about it.  He loves that movie so much, and I can kinda see why.  It’s very quick, the dialog is very sharp, and an excellent representation of the best (and not-so-best) of our generation.

really quite handsome

Then there’s Armie Hammer.

He plays the twins on crew who come up with the original idea upon which facebook is based.  I honestly thought there were two of them.  Imagine my disappointment.  Shit.

So naturally I looked him up online and he’s… a little plumper in most photos than he is in the movie, maybe because he had to play a hugely ripped rower (yes plz).  Christ, and his voice?  Yikes.  I kept watching the movie expecting to find some angle I didn’t like.  No dice, ladies.  This guy is just… delicious.  Sorry Boyfriend! lol

I’ve never written a post solely about some random good-looking celebrity, because that’s stupid.  But this is important.  It demonstrates a distinct shift in my racial preferences.  I would normally say, “Y’know who’s handsome?  Armie Hammer.  For a white boy.”  But I can’t really keep saying that.  I keep running into really good looking white guys, and it’s freaking me out.  My whole standard of what I consider attractive in the white male category is apparently changing, and yeah, it’s freaking me out (in a good way).  Is it time to reassess what I look for physically in a mate, or is it really not that important?  I’m gonna go with the latter for now.