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Radioactive isotopes aside, this might be fun

My Friday classes are pretty cool at Karate Job.  The kids are all pretty excited that the week is over, and they behave like a class full of happy, dopey kids, which is always fun to teach.

it looks something like this

A couple weeks ago, they noticed I had my toenails painted.  This is a new thing for me.  I got a pedicure for the first time in mid-December, so I painted my nails again when it started to wear off.  The kids could not stop staring at my toes while we were in our meditation circle, but they’re a really focused group, so I have the luxury to let them get a little distracted, then refocus them on the class without too much trouble.

I said they had done an excellent job in class so far, and if they kept it up, I would paint my toes any color they wanted.

One kid immediately shouted, “Green!”  A chorus of, “Yeah, green!” started up, and I had no choice.  Green it is.
“Ok,” I said, “light green or dark green?”
The response was instantaneous and unanimous, “Light green!”

I found some cheap metallic green polish at Target.  I plan on putting it on Thursday night so I can put off making my toes look like they’re rotting away due to radioactive exposure for as long as possible.  Who knows, I might love it.  I’ll upload a photo of the damage when it’s done.

The deed is done.

equal parts horrifying and fun



Too meta for words

om nom nom

I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to announce my blog on Facebook or just to my friends or whomever.  I think I like it the way it is; just a few people know about it, and none of them read it with any consistency.  That feels good.  This blog is for me, like my journal.  The whole point was to give myself some accountability so I would start making note of what I’m up to now and then, not to keep other people informed.  I really enjoy the anonymity.  Thank you, interwebz.

I’m rapidly approaching my 100th (public) blog post, and the one year anniversary of this blog next month.  I have it marked on my Google calendar (the day before Easter, on which I will not have to work!  My first actual weekend in forever, wahoo!).  But how should I go about celebrating something no one knows about?  It’s like being in a foreign country during your birthday; people can tell you’re excited about something, but you’re the only one who knows why.  I guess it doesn’t matter if other people are aware that those are benchmarks for me.

I’m going to try not to make my hundredth blog consist of only an announcement that it’s my one hundredth blog.  That’s just too meta.  And an announcement about self-reference (a blog post about said blog) is not a good post, it’s just a bad excuse.  But no promises.

So what should I do to celebrate?  There will be wine, that’s for sure.  That sweet Austrian wine, yes, that’s good.  And maybe… hmmm, no sushi is too much… I’ll definitely end up doing a little dance, probably in the kitchen.  It’s where most of my spontaneous dancing happens.  I might try to watch some anime with friends (or maybe start the second LOTR movie).

*GASP*  Maybe I’ll finally get that pedicure I’ve been talking about getting!  I want to have presentable feet at the dojo, and I’ve never gotten a pedicure before.  My mom took me to get manicures with her a few times, but the Asian women who did our nails looked so worn down and dejected, and then we were all, “Thanks, here’s five bucks for all your work!  I’m gonna go jump in my super nice gas-guzzling SUV and get a steak dinner!  Later!”  Yikes.