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Y’know what’s awesome? Star Trek: TNG.

pictured: my childhood heroes

I used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad all the time growing up, especially if mom was out of town on business.  He would make chicken adobo (his ‘signature dish’), and we would sit down on the floor of the TV room and watch TNG until homework or bedtime.  It was the best.

Last month, I discovered a Twitter feed called TNG_S8 that tweets the plot summaries of the fictitiously “unaired” season 8 episodes of TNG.  HILARIOUS.

This show is so awesome.  They worked so hard to stay close to scientific fact, even when discussing stuff like black holes and warp speeds.  It’s pretty impressive.  I just love it.  I can’t believe a show about space exploration and scientific discovery lasted a whole seven seasons in prime time.  It warms the cockles of my heart.

I spent a good chunk of the winter break while I was sick lying on the couch watching the entire series on Netflix; time well spent.

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Tachikoma! and Beastlie #3…

I was at a friend’s place last night while a couple people played the new Lara Croft co-op, when my friend mentioned Beastlies.  I said something like, I’m so glad I showed them to you, how is Grant?  To which she said something like, he’s great, I’ve ordered three more.  I lol’d, but shouldn’t have been all that surprised.  Those little guys were made for people like my friend.  While she was showing me the adorable ones she had gotten, I decided to take another look at the website, and BAM! there was Avery, just waiting, begging me to adopt him.  So I did.  I think he’ll get along fine with Gildon and Lani.  I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, when I reach a point where I sit down at my computer, look down at my little menagerie and say, “Jesus, what a huge waste of time and money.  And they’re not even that cute!”  I wonder if that’ll ever happen.  I’m guessing not.

I recently got ramen with my boyfriend at my favorite noodle restaurant, Chabuya.  Afterwards, we got milk tea at a nearby boba place, and wandered around in a little Japanese shop with random erasers, bags, teacups, etc. (that routine has become kind of a tradition).  They sell all kinds of toys and figurines too, and when I saw this little tachicoma, I couldn’t resist.  If you haven’t watched the Ghost in the Shell series, stop reading right now, call up your otaku buddy with bad skin and no girlfriend who watches anime all the time, and ask him to loan it to you.  It’s 26 episodes of futuristic supercop detective work with a strong side of action and some philosophical musings about whether a machine of adequate complexity can be considered human.  It’s a beautifully animated, expertly voiced, fascinating series that wraps everything up in an explosive bow at the end.