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I set up a shelf from Ikea (which didn’t come with any way to attach it to the wall, so Home Depot to the rescue), and finally set out all my little chotchkies and what’s-its.

I like to think Kakashi is reading aloud to the Beastlies, and they are just horrified.  A bunch of this stuff (see bottom right portion) is odd little stuff my dad threw in my stocking this past Xmas.  What a weirdo.

Let’s identify all these little items, starting at the far left.

-Calendar which, when turned toward the operator, changes number up to 31, then starts over
-Clay representation of my family made in May of 1990 (kindergarten)
-Clay tiger with a Kanji character on its side, given to me by a British photographer who took some black and white photos of me a few times
-Plastic figurine of Hatake Kakashi from Naruto.  What a dreamboat.
-Beastlies!  All unique.
-Bronze statuette of a bathing woman; this is a miniature reproduction of a bronze statue that I really like, and a gift from my parental units.
-Jade ball within a jade ball x3; a gift from Mom’s college professor friend from China (to find me a boyfriend, if I recall), who always encouraged my writing and poetry.
-Clay bird whistle from the Apuseni Mountains in Romania.  There’s a little hole on the neck that changes the tone.
-Fox Xmas ornament, but I’ve never hung it on a tree after the first year Diminutive Roommate gave it to me.
Bottom shelf: all random items from my Xmas stocking this past year, except for the cheetah pen next to the pink ball (which lights up when struck), which was a gift from Teacher Roommate all the way from Barcelona, Spain.  She also brought back some earrings for me and Diminutive Roommate.

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Essie beastlie!

Essie is just the sweetest little thing.  Her dark little spots and bright shining fangs make me smile every time I see her staring up at me.  What a cutie.

When I first saw her, I knew I had to have her.  I showed her to Diminutive Roommate, who then said, “Wait!  I’ll get her for you for xmas!”  And she did.

What a nice little family of creatures I have now!  I think, for balance, I’d like to have a bright yellow or orange beastlie, preferably a gargoyle type, so the other beastlies are aware of their various types of relations.  Maybe I can ask for a custom order?

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May I introduce Beastlie #4: Nokie

I don’t buy a lot of Beastlies. It has to be a case of love at first sight. Such was the case with the newest edition to my little monster family, Nokie.

If my childhood self was reincarnated into a tiny clay monster, this is what it would look like. I was a little crazy, very happy, and totally uncontainable. I particularly like the little almost-heart shaped spots on his back, and messy teeth. What a gem. He is a carefree, tiny me, and for that, he earns a permanent spot under my computer monitor. He is my little treasure, and he seems to know it.

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Tachikoma! and Beastlie #3…

I was at a friend’s place last night while a couple people played the new Lara Croft co-op, when my friend mentioned Beastlies.  I said something like, I’m so glad I showed them to you, how is Grant?  To which she said something like, he’s great, I’ve ordered three more.  I lol’d, but shouldn’t have been all that surprised.  Those little guys were made for people like my friend.  While she was showing me the adorable ones she had gotten, I decided to take another look at the website, and BAM! there was Avery, just waiting, begging me to adopt him.  So I did.  I think he’ll get along fine with Gildon and Lani.  I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, when I reach a point where I sit down at my computer, look down at my little menagerie and say, “Jesus, what a huge waste of time and money.  And they’re not even that cute!”  I wonder if that’ll ever happen.  I’m guessing not.

I recently got ramen with my boyfriend at my favorite noodle restaurant, Chabuya.  Afterwards, we got milk tea at a nearby boba place, and wandered around in a little Japanese shop with random erasers, bags, teacups, etc. (that routine has become kind of a tradition).  They sell all kinds of toys and figurines too, and when I saw this little tachicoma, I couldn’t resist.  If you haven’t watched the Ghost in the Shell series, stop reading right now, call up your otaku buddy with bad skin and no girlfriend who watches anime all the time, and ask him to loan it to you.  It’s 26 episodes of futuristic supercop detective work with a strong side of action and some philosophical musings about whether a machine of adequate complexity can be considered human.  It’s a beautifully animated, expertly voiced, fascinating series that wraps everything up in an explosive bow at the end.


Beastlie #2 Invading an Apartment Near ME!

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been checking the beastlies website almost every day to see what pops up. Lo and behold, I found Gildon. What a cutie. He’s gonna make a fine addition to the small, growing collection of small monsters currently making house on my monitor stand.
I’m pretty psyched about it. Can’t wait to get more. Are they a sound investment? No. These little guys are totally pointless, and that’s why I love them. They exist simply to be little beasts. So yeah, I’m a little jealous 🙂


Beastlie Incoming!

While I was at ComiCon, I happened upon a booth selling Beastlies, adorable little clay creatures, all hand-made, all one-of-a-kind. I took some photos, and made a mental note to go back the next day, assuming they would still be there. Of course I got there, and there were all of three left, so I decided to grab a card, and buy one online once more were made.

May I introduce Lani, the newest memeber of the tiny three- (now four)-animal menagerie that makes its home on my monitor stand. I get the feeling he and Big Toe are going to get along swimmingly.