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I can has bees!

I will join a several thousand-year-old tradition, and thereby become a badass

I will join a several thousand-year-old tradition, and thereby become a badass

Dad has decided he wants to keep bees.  Naturally, I’m on board.  We’re going to catch a swarm together, put it in the hive he’s built and hopefully, eventually, harvest some honey from them.

We went to a local beekeepers’ meeting a couple weeks back, and yesterday attended a small mentoring program where we accompanied a very experienced bee keeper named Kirk who helps run the Backwards Beekeepers.  He’s hysterical.  He gives advice like, “I always put my bee suit on before going near a hive or a swarm.  That way I never wish to hell I had put on my bee suit.”  The man is a genius.

We checked on six box hives of various size, ranging from one to four stacked levels.  He loaned me the top half of a bee suit, and Dad brought me some gloves.  I felt super confident from the mid-thigh up.  I gathered and clutched the bottom of the “shirt” to keep bees from flying up into the shirt (it worked, miraculously).  We looked on while the other three attendees (more experienced than we) opened the hives and pulled out each frame to check on the bees’ progress, helpfully pointing out the various occupants of each section of comb: drone brood, larvae, honey, etc.  They pointed out drones (huge) and we got a quick peek at a queen (large, brown and sensitive to light).  Overall, super cool.

Captain Obvious says, "If you keep bees, you'll get stung."

Captain Obvious says, “If you keep bees, you’ll get stung.”

I started menstruating yesterday, so I was really tired and sat down after about an hour of this.  After a minute I worried that sitting would cause the cuff of my pants to lift and allow bees to fly up my pants.  I pondered this issue, and as I tried to think of a solution that wouldn’t involve standing, I got stung on my left leg right above the knee, through my pants.  Well.  Shit.

Sitting had pressed my pants right against my skin, so there was no space to protect me from a stinger.  I brushed the bee off and quickly pulled my pants away from my leg, which extracted the stinger.  It hurt a little more than an inoculation, and kept hurting for a few minutes.  Still, I expected to be stung at some point during my beekeeping experience, so I wasn’t too dismayed. Plus, it was my first sting ever!  So I was curious to see how I would react, both psychologically (temporary pain doesn’t really bother me) and (mostly) physically.  I took a Benadryl when I got home, and took a six hour nap, lol.  I haven’t had a chance to sleep in for two weeks so I was in desperate need to some catch-up sleep, and I typically take a long nap on the first day of my menstruation cycle, so I doubt it was a symptom of an allergic reaction.  The spot where I got stung is just a small pink dot on my leg now, and it doesn’t even itch, so I think I’m ok.

Dad was super bummed that I got stung.  He kept apologizing, and Boyfriend doted on me when I got home and did work on his laptop next to me in bed until I fell asleep.  Dad kept checking on me, and called me at work this morning to see how I was doing.  So sweet.  I am so loved.  Plus, I bet he doesn’t want me getting scared off, which is understandable; he wants a beekeeping buddy 🙂  He said he’s going to get me my own beekeeping suit!  Hooray!  I’ll be so confident in my own suit!  I can’t wait!  I’m doing that thing where I get really excited about a new thing.  I almost impulse purchased this necklace on Etsy the other day, lol.

UPDATE:  Aaaaaand I bought this one instead (two of them, actually, one for Dad and one for me).  Not sure where his will go, maybe on his wall at work?  Ugh.  I am the worst/best.


Etsy photo of the day

a self portrait of Van Dyck. same hair!

I love Etsy.  It’s basically an online craft market, and who wouldn’t love that?

This crown (and its photo) caught my eye today.  At first I laughed and silently ridiculed it, but the fact is, this fantastic photo resembles Renaissance (especially Flemish) portraiture so closely (even her face type is typical of that era of portraiture), that I actually really enjoy it.  For just $30, this crown (Neptune’s Crown, as it’s called on the site) can be yours.  Lucky you.



Ukulele case!

My ukulele case arrived!

on our brand new couch/giant chair

It’s so cute and soft, and it does an excellent job of holding my ukulele for me.  It came all the way from Thailand via Etsy!  It has a shoulder strap that I’ll use when I ride my bike to the beach to play my ukulele on the sand, in the sun.  It arrived in a brown paper package tied up with string.  I shit you not.  See?

Maria was right after all

It’s much better than the cardboard box it was delivered in, although I must admit, I will miss it a little.  I even decorated it a little 🙂

look at how pleased armless me is


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Essie beastlie!

Essie is just the sweetest little thing.  Her dark little spots and bright shining fangs make me smile every time I see her staring up at me.  What a cutie.

When I first saw her, I knew I had to have her.  I showed her to Diminutive Roommate, who then said, “Wait!  I’ll get her for you for xmas!”  And she did.

What a nice little family of creatures I have now!  I think, for balance, I’d like to have a bright yellow or orange beastlie, preferably a gargoyle type, so the other beastlies are aware of their various types of relations.  Maybe I can ask for a custom order?

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May I introduce Beastlie #4: Nokie

I don’t buy a lot of Beastlies. It has to be a case of love at first sight. Such was the case with the newest edition to my little monster family, Nokie.

If my childhood self was reincarnated into a tiny clay monster, this is what it would look like. I was a little crazy, very happy, and totally uncontainable. I particularly like the little almost-heart shaped spots on his back, and messy teeth. What a gem. He is a carefree, tiny me, and for that, he earns a permanent spot under my computer monitor. He is my little treasure, and he seems to know it.