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Winter break debacle: Success edition!

Boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 years now, so I’m glad to report that I finally made it to the east coast to visit him during winter break.  I even managed to keep it a secret!

some woman almost forgot to take her dog out of the x-ray boxes.  I was ready to spring into action and rescue him, though, which would have been REALLY fun.

some woman almost forgot to take her dog out of the x-ray boxes. I was ready to spring into action and rescue him, though, which would have been REALLY fun.

If you’re new here, you might not recall that I’ve attempted this trip before: said attempt was marked by a tragic lack of success (as you can see here).  This time, though, the whole thing went off without a hitch.  I got a redeye flight to avoid any delays during layovers (which is part of what screwed me last time).  Once I arrived one of his friends, Coppertop, drove me to his place, then dropped me off at a mall where I needed to find a way to surprise him with some kind of subtly spectacular display of love.

I bought a pretzel (hadn’t eaten in over 12hrs) and wandered around the mall, chatting with attendants, feeling out who would be game to help me do something ridiculous.  I settled on an employee with whom I had a brief conversation about tea selection at William Sonoma.  She seemed nice, and their uniform is just an apron, so I figured if I asked nicely, she would let me wear an apron for a few minutes and hand out samples until Boyfriend came around, at which point I would treat him like any other customer and offer him one (and only one) sample before drifting off to help someone else.

This, however, did not pan out.  I got a text from Coppertop: We’re here.  Shit!  I texted STALL!, scarfed the pretzel and asked the lady at William Sonoma if I could borrow an apron for a loving prank.  She winced.  “You need to ask my manager,” and pointed to the most stressed out woman in the mall: apologizing over the phone to an irate customer, ringing someone up, then dashing into the back room, she clearly wasn’t about to get on board with any shenanigans.

pictured: inspiration

pictured: inspiration

I hustled out of the store, and wracked my brain for new ideas while scanning the very thin crowd for Boyfriend and Coppertop.  Then I heard it: toot toot!  The mall had a children’s train that made a circuit around the mall.  I got in line and fidgeted, eyes darting around, waiting to get caught.  The train pulled into the “station.”  Kids got off, kids got on, but there wasn’t enough room for all of us.  I stayed in line with two more families in front of me while the train pulled away.  I texted Coppertop I’ll be on the train in a few mins, and waited anxiously while the soft toot toot! slowly grew softer then louder.  As I glanced around, excited that I had almost made it onto the train without being spotted by Boyfriend, I noticed a sign: “$2 to ride.”  I froze.  I dug into my purse knowing exactly what I would find: one dollar in quarters.  I had spent my last three dollars on that damn pretzel.

Now I had a choice.  I could wait for the train to come back and throw myself at the mercy of the “conductor,” or beg for a dollar from the mother in line in front of me.

I chose the latter.

I explained how we’d been together for so long, but I had never been able to visit him, and the last time I tried it all fell apart, and now I was only a dollar away from a fantastic surprise, and would she be so kind as to loan me a dollar for the train ride?  “My boyfriend will pay you back, he’s a sweetheart,” I explained, but she was already nodding and reaching into her purse, as was the mother in line in front of her, who had over heard my sob story.  The train pulled in just as I said my twentieth thank-you, and we all piled on.  I pulled my ponytail out, put on some chapstick.  I was ready to wow Boyfriend.

We choo-choo’d around the mall for a minute before I spotted them.  Eventually we pulled right up alongside them.  As we idled by, I sat up straight, waved like the Queen and called, “Hello, peasants!”  He and Coppertop laughed as I pulled away.  Then I became that weird adult on a kids’ train ride without a kid to legitimize my presence.  So that was awkward.

The ride (finally) ended, and Boyfriend couldn’t stop smiling and laughing as we followed Coppertop around (he had some actual errands to run at the mall).  He loves his friends, family and me so much.  It makes him giddy when we’re all together.  He’s a good person.  I’m glad I got him.

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Boyfwend is leaving :(

He’s going back east on his annual visit back home for the winter break.  He’s leaving this afternoon, and I can’t take him to the airport because of work.

Also, Kim Jong Il died.  Good riddance.  Here’s hoping his fat son gets ousted in a coup lead by the starving masses his father managed to keep under his fat thumb.

Anyway, while people are all bummed out in NORTH Korea, SOUTH Korea is having some kind of on-going Tae Kwon Do dance party (I’m sure my invitation is in the mail).


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the runny yolk is essential

I have… (wait lemme count)… ten days off starting tomorrow (well, starting right now). Ten days, four of which will be spent traveling to/from or visiting the east coast. Boyfriend will be here for the last day, so that leaves me with roughly five days all to myself to do family functions and do my own thing (whatever that is).

So here’s the plan:
-Wake up as late as possible- not to be super lazy (but that’s good too), but to increase the sleep factor.
-Eat a delicious breakfast- cereal is ok, but I wanna try stuff I usually don’t have time for; a fried egg sammich comes to mind.
-Play computer/video games- I recently noticed that we have Shadow of the Colossus lying around, and I loved the way it looked when I watched a friend play it, so I’ll give it a shot. Plus, I’m gonna break down and buy the WoW Cataclysm expansion. I mean, they’ve changed EVERYTHING, how can I not experience it? Say your farewells now, loved ones (none of whom even know I have a blog). I’ve also been conquering the advanced maps on Portal (so good!). I’m good at this game, people. And it makes me proud.
-Clean up apartment- yikes, THIS needs to get done tout de suite. Mostly my carpet needs a solid vacuuming (and not with our tiny little PoS vacuum, I’m talking a real vacuum, the kind that weights as much as a small elephant and sounds like a B-52 taking off), and High School Friend Roommate needs to do her dishes (I haven’t complained once, she knows it’s an issue, I trust her, she’s cool, STOP LOOKING AT OUR KITCHEN LIKE THAT I’LL TAKE CARE OF IT).
-Ride my bike- I love my bike, and I never get to ride it because both jobs are so far away now (downtown and South Bay respectively). Plus, I need to get my ass in shape. Literally, my butt is soft, gotta fix that shit. And the weather’s clearing up tomorrow after five straight days of rain (torrential downpour while on the freeway today. NOT CUTE).
-Read a book- I’d like to finish Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It’s the last in the trilogy, and I want to be able to say, like a good nerd, “Yeah, I’ve read the books. They’re wordy but beautiful.” And they have been, so far, so I’m looking forward to finishing this giant fucking book that’s been sitting in my car for months now.
-Do some sketching- I need to do something creative. I got a Moleskine notebook for just that purpose, so I’m gonna try to find a few things to sketch to improve my ability to accurately put stuff down on paper. I’d also like to learn how to paint at some point. One step at a time.

Sister and I are supposed to bake cookies this Friday too, so that’ll take up the whole day. Now that I look at it, this is a lot to get done in the, like, three free days I’m actually getting out of the break.But as long as I’m relaxing, or doing holiday plans, I’m happy. I need to be content with whiling the days away. I’m good at relaxing once I get home, but I have trouble feeling good about spending a whole day doing nothing but sleeping, eating, watching anime, playing games, etc. I don’t consider myself a very hard worker, but i definitely feel guilty when I make no progress where progress could be made. I need to give myself a break now and then.

And I’m really looking forward to surprising Boyfriend on the east coast. Have I mentioned that lately? He’s totally clueless, it’s AWESOME. Can’t wait to see his friends (very cool guys), can’t wait to make him smile. This is gonna make him so happy.