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Hey look it’s that otter I drew last week:

in case you didn't know, otters are the cutest

And hey, it’s that octopus I finished tonight:

in case you didn't know, octopi are the coolest

I’ve been spending my free time sketching lately, which is good because I get this weird feeling whenever I’m doing only one thing that I have to do two things.  For example: watching Buffy while sketching is an acceptable combination of activities.  Cooking is also fun because it demands I do many things somewhat simultaneously.  Dishes suck for this reason: they’re only one thing.  Driving doesn’t count because I’m almost always either talking to myself when there’s no music, or thinking up music video ideas to the music when there is (and sometimes talking to myself about said music video ideas).  One thing is not enough.

Why do I have to do more than one thing at a time?  Is it some compulsion–HEY!  I’m blogging!  And doing nothing else!  No, wait, I’m also drinking tea.  False alarm.

So is it some compulsion my generation has developed due to our constant access to any and all things various via the interwebz?  The need to multitask all the time?  I’ve heard that multitaskers aren’t very good at doing many things at a time well, and are even worse at doing just one thing at a time well.  Fuuuuuck!

Reductio ad absurdum: My generation sucks at sex.  No, that can’t be right.  *wink*  HAHAHA!


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