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A month of decadence

Sunday, February 6th
Home made fried chicken with BBQ’d carrots, garlic bread, lemonade, at the Treehouse (my friend’s apartment; the place a group of my friends is most likely to congregate to hang out, meet before an excursion, etc.).

Friday, February 11th
Bday dinner at Animal with Boyfriend.  Bone marrow, flatiron steak, ox tail, foi gras.

Saturday, February 12th (birthday!)
Bluberry pancakes for breakfast at BLD, mac and cheese for dinner at Barney’s Beanery, followed by ice skating.

my stomach is so happy, it's gone anime

Monday, February 14th (Valentine’s day)
Bday lunch with coworkers at MortonFig.  Dinner with Boyfriend: home made penne asparagus with garlic.

Tuesday, February 15th
Buffalo burger with sweet potato fries for work lunch at LA Athletic Club.  Ritzy!

Friday, February 18th (Treehouse Friend’s bday)
Medieval Times!  Soup, chicken, garlic bread, potatoes, apple dessert.

Saturday, February 19th
Bday dinner with family at Tagine.  Hummus, bell pepper salad, bastillab (sweet meat in phyllo), scallops, sea bass, lamb, vanilla ice cream in chocolate soup.

Monday, February 21st
I make ramen dinner at the Treehouse for Boyfriend, Treehouse Friend, and Artist Friend, with green onions, hot oil, and salmon and scallop sashimi.

Out of all this food, I only paid for two meals (Medieval Times and ramen).  So far soooo goooood.  I love food so much.  I need to go to Daikokuya with Boyfriend soon.  It’s my favorite ramen place so far.  I wish it wasn’t downtown, but its Little Tokyo location is part of its charm.

UPDATE February 25th, 9:58pm

Friday, February 25th
That wine I love arrived a few days ago, and I finally had some.  It’s perfect.  See my first drunken post, ‘El vino.’

goodness, life

I < 3 Ancient Warfare Technology

I know I’m a couple millenia late coming to this party, but trebuchets are awesome. I enjoy the simple, yet elegant design. I love the use of various materials (cloth, leather, metal, wood) and distinguished concepts (slingshot, lever, gravity) that makes them work, and I love watching them hurl shit farther than should be humanly possible. I’m just such a fan.

Leave it to the Japanese to turn it into a gameshow of some kind involving a picture-in-picture reaction to the chaos unfolding. How many Gs do you think those people experience? Having poked fun at the Japanese, I seriously doubt that the French (or the Greeks or Chinese for that matter) never did this way back in the day. How brutal would that be? Take a prisoner, then hurl them back into their own camp. Wow. Color me enthused.

[I just looked it up on Wikipedia and found this gem: “Occasionally, disease-infected corpses were flung into cities in an attempt to infect and terrorize the people under siege, a medieval form of biological warfare.” I know I should be horrified by this but OH MY GOD that is such a great idea. Remember in Lord of the Rings when the Urukhai hurl the heads of the fallen men of Gondor back into their base? I was all, “Eeeew, that’s gross, hahaha, cool!” Anyway…]

Which brings me to the topic of the French. My slight dislike of them (based on some extremely stereotypically snooty–and downright mean–experiences I had in Paris over a decade ago, and my Australian family’s inherent, if harmless and often funny prejudices) is rapidly diminishing due in large part by their health care system (generous), their education system (boisterous), and the growing secularism of their government (awesome). And let’s not forget the most important part: trebuchets. Any culture that uses something that awesome deserves a second chance at my adoration.

So ok, French people. You’re got your second chance. Thrill me.