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Twitards not welcome

Twilight is just hilarious.  It’s a teenage romance novel, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it, even the fans.  Regardless, even people like me can enjoy it for its absurdity.

I’ve hosted a screening for the first Twilight movie, and the fourth one is already out in theaters (I think).  It’s past time to host a screening for the second one, so that’s what we’re doing this Saturday (tomorrow) night.  Board games at 6, ramen or Fancypants Farms for dinner, then movie around 8.  Then probably more board games.  This is how I live my life.  If only I could make posters.

UPDATE: January 10, 9:31am
This movie viewing was epic.  I made ramen for everyone, we played a round of Betrayal, then it was movie time.  We thought about making it into a drinking game where we would drink whenever the main characters whined, but it quickly became apparent that we would run out of people to drive us to the hospital with alcohol poisoning at that rate, so I kept track of the following:

The number of times…
Bella whines- 25
Edward whines- 10
Edward/Jacob/any man gets bossy with Bella- 23
Vampires/werewolves glare at each other- 16

What a bunch of emo cry-babies.  I look at that list and see an evening well spent.

Aw shit, should have kept track of how many times Jacob takes off his shirt (delicious).

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Halloween time is the best time

i love a good haunted house

A graphic designer named Mike Doyle recently caught my eye with his creation of abandoned houses built completely out of Legos.  These things are big enough to cover my desk, and rise about four feet high.  They’re serious business, and super cool.

I love Halloween.  I love everything about it: pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, decorations, getting scared, all of it.  I also love having so many random encounters with people because of costumes, and asking for candy from (and trusting) one complete stranger after another.  What other non-religious holiday allows for that?  Everyone loves Halloween!  It’s the best!


As a kid, I dressed up as a pirate for four or five years in a row.  I wore stockings, a red and white striped skirt with a jagged hem, and a thin white shirt and a pirate hat.  I also had a hook, if memory serves.  My mom would draw a curly mustache on my face at my behest, because apparently, even female pirates had to have Captain Hook mustaches.  Gender confused and full of sugar: needless to say, I was a typical, happy child on Halloween.

Sister dressed up as a candy devil one year, which involved Mom hot gluing candies to her tail, which she then unwrapped and ate before the end of the night.  I dressed as a werewolf one year (black clothing, All Star sneakers, and a mask), and as death another year (complete with armageddon cloak, scary face paint and scythe).  That turned out to be a semi-unfortunate choice, as I was invited to go to my first Halloween party by a 5th grade classmate where I felt forced to decline my first (and only) encounter with spin the bottle due to my awesome and really fucking creepy makeup.  I couldn’t believe we didn’t go trick-or-treating.  “What a waste,” I thought.  Plus, Sister and her friend both decided to dress as hippies, which only encouraged her to reiterate her favorite chant of “Angel, Devil, Angel, Devil” that she enjoyed cackling whenever she (often) wore pastels while I wore darker colors.  That shit went on for years.  I came to refer to her fashion choice as “Mug Me” colors, since I saw them as something that would make her look like a target.

But I digress.  Halloween is the best, even with an annoying Sister and friends trying to ruin my night with their stupid boys.