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I was sick of the “Call Me Maybe” situation as soon as it started.  I still can’t figure out why this song got so much attention, it’s so average.  I think the fact that everyone was nuts about it made me hate it even more.  It’s only hilarious stuff like the guy who wrote on the windshield of a filthy car in my garage that redeems annoying memes like this.

And then I saw this video, which made me love this song for the first time after months of hearing (and hating) it.  It also reminded me that humans are awesome, if for no other reason then because we do stuff like this.  Also, landing on Mars recently.  That was pretty epic.


Holy shit, I’m such a fucking adult right now

I had the inexplicable urge to see The Phantom of the Opera today.  I had such a craving to hear “Think of Me” that I found it on YouTube and played it at my desk at work.  I’m listening to it right now.  What a voice.  Holy shit.

I saw the play when it was at the Ahmanson Theater downtown as a child.  Of course I remember the part where the chandelier goes over the audience, but more vividly I recall when the phantom loses his mask, and the woman he has captured picks it up and offers it to him.  I was struck by her kindness in the face of his… well, obvious lunacy (and, let’s be honest, hideousness).  I recall the moment with perfect clarity; her extending the mask to him with her right hand in a pale, overflowing gown, him crouched on the floor, hiding his face in shame.

It’s playing in Las Vegas.  I might have to make a weekend out of it (if I had a weekend).  MIGHT HAVE TO QUIT KARATE JOB ANOTHER WEEK EARLY MUAHAHAHA.